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The London Youth Support Trust


The London Youth Support Trust (LYST) is a charity that provides young entrepreneurs with the space and support they need to get started in business.

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In 2001 the founder of The London Youth Support Trust, Robert Whitmore, wanted to lift the barriers that stopped young people in deprived areas of London from fulfilling their potential. 

High London rents, a lack of networks and no direct support or advice meant that young people with talent and ideas were powerless to make it in business.

LYST makes it possible.

As a result 13 years ago the first centre opened in Deptford and LYST now operates in four more centres in Southwark, Hackney, Tottenham Green and the newest and largest centre here at 639. LYST provides entrepreneurs aged 18-30 with low-cost rental space, free mentors, access to grants and funding, and access to a wealth of business experience and networks.

LYST also runs the Step Into Enterprise programmes: Loughborough Be Enterprising, Mind Your Own Business and Into Enterprise in Camden.

Managed by LYST, 639 has already become a vital business and enterprise hub for Tottenham that will revitalize a community and support a whole generation of entrepreneurs.

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