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There are hundreds of volunteering possibilities available around Tottenham and all over Greater London; from mentoring an unemployed young person to cleaning up your local park. 

Why volunteer?

In 2012, over 60% of Londoners chose to volunteer. It's a great way to gain skills and experience, try something new and meet people, while making a real difference in your community. Research has even shown that volunteering is good for your health!

What's more, Time Bank found that over 70% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience. 

Team London in Tottenham
Up until March 2016, Team London (The Mayor’s initiative to support volunteering across the capital) had been managing the volunteering opportunities for the 639 Enterprise Centre, as well as supporting local organisations with their volunteering needs from within Tottenham. After 2.5 very successful years it was time for Team London to leave the centre.

Volunteer Centre Haringey will now be the organisation to speak to for all volunteering enquiries. Volunteer Centre Haringey is your one stop shop for hundreds of volunteering opportunities from across Haringey.

Keep up the date with Volunteer Centre Haringey at:

Twitter: @HaringeyVC

Continued support from Team London
Community organisations can still receive support from Team London in several ways. Please see the Team London Charity brochure which provides this information. If you are a Third Sector organisation that works with volunteers and are not already registered to promote your opportunities through the website, please follow this link to do so:

Local residents that are interested in finding out about volunteering opportunities (either in Tottenham/Haringey or across London) can register to search and apply for opportunities here: (bottom link)

You can follow Team London via:

Twitter: @TeamLDN