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Even if you already own an established and successful business, you can still get involved at 639 whilst also giving back to your local community.commstrainteambig1

The London Youth Support Trust mentoring programme plays a vital role in the development of our entrepreneurs.

We're always eager to hear from experienced business professionals willing to help and advise the next generation. Nothing beats receiving first-hand tips and advice from a seasoned professional and the feedback we've received from our previous mentoring schemes shows the experience to be invaluable for young start-ups!

Each mentor is assigned a client and follows our tried and tested mentoring programme.  Often our clients arrive at LYST with an idea and creative talent but no business experience or financial know-how. The mentors provide crucial one-to-one support and advice, meeting on a monthly basis. 

John Harbour, the LYST Volunteer Co-ordinator, said “mentors will assist the clients with their business plans, accounting systems and, on a monthly basis, monitor their performance against agreed targets”.

Specialist marketing and branding experts, who have strong ties with LYST, can also offer extra help if necessary. This ensures there is support for every aspect of a start-up business. As a result the client can build a sustainable and successful business over the three-year programme. The mentors are crucial because they make sure that our clients are ready for the commercial world when they leave LYST.

The programme is mutually beneficial and the work is incredibly satisfying for the mentors. Many mentors have spoken of how inspirational it is to see the development of a young person from a disadvantaged background succeed in business.

If you are intersted in becoming a mentor, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .