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Ay Creative Chicz Hair and Make-Up Studio


Ay Creative Chicz provide expert hair and makeup services and training and employment opportunities for young people in the local area.

Ayoade Adegboyega, the entrepreneur behind Creative Chicz, was always creative as a young girl, loved everything about hair and makeup and above all dreamt of owning her own afro-Caribbean Toni and Guy-like training academy.

But Ay told us how hard she had to work in the early years to even get close to running her own beauty company. In the local Tottenham area the only business that could train her in afro-Caribbean hair and beauty had closed down. Despite the setbacks, this did not deter her and she remained focused on trying to get the necessary professional training.

Ay said that at that time "I was more determined than ever to create a platform for young people like myself to gain training and experience in the industry".

Ay worked hard for a number of years to get her qualifications and professional experience, where she became successful in her field, but still yearned to run her own business. She was at a crossroads in her professional life, which is when she came across LYST.

"I didn't know how to take the next step. A friend told me about LYST..... and now I run my own business from 639!"

"A 12-year dream became reality because of the support, encouragement and mentoring from LYST. I'm now able to provide a stable future for my children and also support the next generation within my industry, just as LYST has done for me. We aim to create apprenticeship opportunities, part time positions and field work opportunities on film sets, fashion shows, special occasion bookings and much more".

Ay finally added that "without LYST and the business mentoring scheme I would not have achieved as much as I have within this short space of time".

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